Wonderful customer service!   ~ Paula @ Doggy Doos
We have a Yorkie here, who is a total prima donna, seriously finicky, and on a restricted diet due to allergies. She took to the liver immediately. ~ Rena @ Mighty Mite Dog Gear
One taste of the Bare Bites treats and she was hooked! I appreciate the fact that Bare Bites are not filled with unnecessary ingredients that often produce an unpleasant odor. ~MaryLynn, Frederick, MD
In an environment where it is pretty scary when it comes to sourcing of pet foods and treats, it was refreshing to find a local company that produced treats from locally sourced ingredients. ~Joe, New Market, MD
We just picked up our first bag of Bare Bites and brought them home to our 14-year old dog Chaos. Once he saw the bag of Bare Bites, he knew he was in for a treat. ~Jack, Frederick, MD
Our dog Sam Parker is getting old so he doesn’t move around that much. But when those treats come out he is leaping into the air to get one! ~Morgan, Mission Hills, KS
My dogs freak out when I grab the bag of Bare Bites. They LOVE these treats! ~Larry, Frederick, MD
I love the fact they are locally made and have no fillers as my dog are on a wheat free diet. Thanks again for a wonderful product. ~Victoria, Frederick, MD

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