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Wonderful customer service!   ~ Paula @ Doggy Doos
We have a Yorkie here, who is a total prima donna, seriously finicky, and on a restricted diet due to allergies. She took to the liver immediately. ~ Rena @ Mighty Mite Dog Gear
One taste of the Bare Bites treats and she was hooked! I appreciate the fact that Bare Bites are not filled with unnecessary ingredients that often produce an unpleasant odor. ~MaryLynn, Frederick, MD
In an environment where it is pretty scary when it comes to sourcing of pet foods and treats, it was refreshing to find a local company that produced treats from locally sourced ingredients. ~Joe, New Market, MD
We just picked up our first bag of Bare Bites and brought them home to our 14-year old dog Chaos. Once he saw the bag of Bare Bites, he knew he was in for a treat. ~Jack, Frederick, MD
Our dog Sam Parker is getting old so he doesn’t move around that much. But when those treats come out he is leaping into the air to get one! ~Morgan, Mission Hills, KS
My dogs freak out when I grab the bag of Bare Bites. They LOVE these treats! ~Larry, Frederick, MD
I love the fact they are locally made and have no fillers as my dog are on a wheat free diet. Thanks again for a wonderful product. ~Victoria, Frederick, MD

We Stand Behind the Retailer: We are a company that will ALWAYS back the retailer. We understand the wholesome goodness of small businesses, Mom and Pop shops, and specialty boutiques. We vow to protect the image of your business as if it were our own. We are here for you. We serve the independent retailer. We support you!


Customer Service: Want samples? We’ll send some! Need to return something? No problem! Need an expedited order? Can do! We understand the needs of today’s retailer. You are always running, jumping, and bending over backwards to please your customers and we know that. When you call Bare Bites, just let us know how we can help YOU!


Cross Promotion: You promote Bare Bites and Bare Bites will promote you! When you stock Bare Bites, your retail establishment will be listed on our website, directing consumers to your front door to “fetch” some Bare Bites for their fur babies!


Want More Info? No problem! Just send an email to and request our full sell sheet!


Want Bare Bites in YOUR Store? Great! Email your order to Just want to pick up the phone to place an order? That’s fine too, call us at 301.401.2750


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